Here I'll post images from the Fish-concerts I've been attending.

Currently only the latest concert are posted here, but I have loads of images waiting to be scanned and posted here.

Fish - Return To Childhood Tour - Trondheim 02092005

The images posted are of lousy quality due to restrictions to not use flash on the camera. A lot of the images are blurry, because every image needs longer time to be taken and Fish is not the one standing still on stage ;) All images posted are resized to 50 % and compressed a lot. If anyone is in need of getting images of far better quality, drop me a mail and I'll send them to you. Just let me know the imagenumber and maxsize of your mailbox if there are more than 3 images requested.

I'll be helpful to get you a gmail-account that can handle emails of 10 mb in size, and a total of 2.5 GB of storing if you need that to get the photos.